Useful Updates: Chief Planner Newsletter September 2018

Useful Updates: Chief Planner Newsletter September 2018

Thursday 20th September 2018

The Chief Planner's September 2018 letter sets out a number of planning updates, notably to the Planning Practice Guidance (PPG). There is now new guidance on "Build to rent" and "Plan-making". In addition, guidance on "Housing need assessment", "Housing and economic land availability assessment," "Local Plans" and "Neighbourhood planning" has been updated.

The letter further follows up on the Government's response to the revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), which said that the revised population projections when released are likely to lead to the minimum need numbers generated by the Local Housing Need (LHN) method being subject to a significant reduction. The letter states, '"We will consider adjusting the method after the household projections are released, in late September 2018, and consult on the specific details of any change at that time".

The revised household projections have subsequently been published today by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) . They show that the number of households in England is projected to increase by 4 million over the next 25 years, rising from 22.9 million in 2016 to 26.9 million in 2041. Whilst this equates to 159,000 additional households per year, this represents a drop of about a quarter when compared with the 210,000 per year previously projected in the 2014-based figures (published in July 2016). A significant factor is no doubt the change in the methodology for household formation, which ONS now bases on short-term trends back to 2001 rather than to 1971, used previously.

Among other updates, the letter refers to the series of Planning Advisory Service (PAS) specialist events running in late September/October, focussing on the delivery of the package of reforms in the revised NPPF. IPe's Keith Holland and Derek Stebbing will be leading the 3 hour workshops at these events in Leeds and London, answering delegates detailed questions about implementation in the context of plan making. You can book your place at the events HERE

Read the Chief Planner's letter HERE