CPRE Local Plan Research Report: What’s the plan?

CPRE Local Plan Research Report: What's the plan?

Monday 25th May 2020

A new report suggests that 90% cent of local planning authorities in England have an adopted local plan, with the remainder using older saved policies. However, its analysis of local plan coverage says that the majority of these adopted plans fail the two key criteria set out in national planning policy: (i) that the plan must be less than five years old, or found not to require updating following a review; and (ii) that the council can demonstrate that it has sufficient land identified in the plan or with planning permission to provide a five year housing supply.

The report estimates that 80% of English local planning authorities will need to review an existing plan, or adopt a new plan, in order to meet the governments most recently proposed 2023 deadline that all councils be operating under an up-to-date plan.

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