Chief Planner encourages progression of Local and Neighbourhood Plans

Chief Planner encourages progression of Local and Neighbourhood Plans

Friday 2nd October 2020

In her first newsletter as MHCLG Chief Planner, Joanna Averley has very clearly indicated that local planning authorities should pull not back on progressing their Local Plans.

Within the newsletter, published on 1 October 2020, the Chief Planner advises "We have been receiving anecdotal feedback that some local authorities may be considering pausing or slowing down the preparation of their local plan, in part due to the uncertainty of when the proposals outlined in 'Planning for the Future' come into force. We would strongly encourage local authorities to continue in the preparation and adoption of local plans. There will be a period of policy development after the receipt of the responses to the White Paper. This will in turn be followed by the preparation and progress of any legislation required to implement the planning reforms. This will take some time and it's therefore important that local areas have a plan in place. As part of the detailed design of the reforms a suitable transition period from approved to new local plans will be implemented".

The Chief Planner goes on to clarify, "We also continue to want to see neighbourhood plans being progressed and supported by local authorities through the system, to give more communities a greater role in shaping the development and growth of their local areas".

Read the latest newsletter (No.3 of 2020) HERE