IPe Team

Jill Kingaby


BSc (Econ) MSc MRTPI. Jill spent 20 years in the Planning Inspectorate and was one of the first Inspectors to undertake local plan and CIL examinations, amassing enormous experience of over 20 examinations. Her expertise also extends to a very significant and varied portfolio of Planning Appeals. She was further a lead member of the local plans advisory team, supporting local authorities preparing plans.

As an IPe examiner, Jill has gained a wealth of experience examining neighbourhood plans for numerous local authorities, including undertaking neighbourhood business plan examinations. She also has a particular specialism in terms of examining neighbourhood plans in the London Boroughs.

Prior to joining the Inspectorate, Jill enjoyed a very diverse and rewarding career in the private sector. She started her professional path as a Planner with the Shankland Cox Partnership, initially in London working on the Urbanization Studies for the Third London Airport (Roskill Commission); then in Kingston, Jamaica, working on various tourism development studies including development plans for the British Virgin Islands and Turks and Caicos Islands, a new airport in the Dominican Republic, and research into 'Tourism Supply Facilities' for the World Bank (IBRD). After Jamaica, she engaged on three urban and regional studies in Malaysia for Kuala Lumpur and Selangor (commissioned by IBRD); South Johor; and Kuching, Sarawak. These provided experience in projecting population and household numbers to reflect the different demographic characteristics of various ethnic groups (Chinese, Malay, Indian, European communities in West Malaysia and, in the case of Sarawak, East Malaysia, Land Dayaks, Sea Dayaks and several other groups).

Jill moved on to Freeman Fox and Associates (subsequently known as Halcrow Fox and Associates then Halcrow). She was a land use planner for the West Yorkshire Transportation Studies assembling demographic and employment data for transport modelling, analysing travel behaviour patterns and accessibility, and assessing the environmental impact of future increases in travel and traffic. She also worked on the Chittagong Hill Tracts Rural Regeneration Study, Bangladesh, for the Asian Development Bank.

Next she took a Senior Planner role with Martin and Vorhees Associates (MVA),with responsibility for a number of research projects into Rural Settlement Policy, the use of Stop Notices by local authorities, and Speeding Up Decision-taking on Planning Applications by local authorities in England and Scotland. She also provided Inputs for traffic modelling (population, household and employment forecasts) for major studies in Libya and Hong Kong.

By 1990, Jill was working with Halcrow Fox's Bristol Office to advise the newly established Bristol Development Corporation. A major project was planning and designing a proposed Bristol Spine Road connecting Brislington and East Bristol to the M32, and carrying out an environmental impact assessment in accordance with latest legislation and regulations. She left in 1995 to become a planning Inspector.

In terms of formal education, Jill read Economics at LSE and went on to her MSc in Social Administration (Social Policy and Planning) . She also studied at the Architectural Association (London) attaining a Post-graduate Diploma in Regional Planning