Available Services

The key focus of our services is around the plan led system and working with local planning authorities and community groups. We can engage with you at any stage of your plan's evolution and provide support and guidance, as well as the independent examination of neighbourhood plans and community infrastructure levy charging schedules. We also now undertake work in relation to planning applications and appeals.

Whether it is addressing consistency issues with the NPPF, looking at the adequacy of your evidence base or doing a pre examination assessment of your evolving local or neighbourhood plan, our team of former planning Inspectors can offer a unique perspective on how to tackle the most challenging aspects that you face.

Local Plans

Advice, Support and Scoping

Community Infrastructure Levy

Charging Schedule Examinations

Statements of Common Ground

Support and Production of SCGs

Neighbourhood Plans

Health Check and Support

Minerals and Waste Advice

Specialist Support on Local Plans


Examinations, Workshops & Mock Sessions

Other Services

Technical and Procedural Expertise