IPe Team

Steve Carnaby, Associate Director


BA BPhil MA. Steve carried out an initial appraisal of virtually all strategic development plans submitted to PINS over a ten year period and has continued this work in IPe on emerging plans, where we have been engaged by the relevant local authority to undertake advisory work. Consequently, he has a unique knowledge of the spectrum of plans submitted for examination. Steve has alerted Inspectors to key issues in submission documents and provided them with advice and case support throughout their examinations.

He has also worked closely with the senior management in PINS in relation to the ongoing evolution of the approach to plans work, assisting in the training of Inspectors. Steve was PINS lead on the coordination of plans advisory work to support local authorities and briefed government officials extensively on plans issues, including the findings of several in depth plans analysis exercises he has undertaken.

Steve came to planning relatively late in his career, joining PINS in 2003. Prior to this, a considerable part of Steve's career has been spent managing new world music bands, based in Morocco, touring extensively overseas.

Steve as an Associate Director is a core member of IPe's management team, working closely with the 3 Directors.