IPe Team

Andrew S Freeman


BSc (Hons) DipTP DipEM FRTPI. Andrew spent 20 years as an Inspector with the Planning Inspectorate during which time he was responsible for the examination of some 20 development plans. These were mainly concerned with minerals and waste, an area in which Andrew specialises. However, they also addressed strategic matters, site allocations and development management. In addition to advisory visits to Local Authorities on minerals and waste matters, other work included the determination of about 900 planning appeals following public local inquiries, hearings or the submission of written representations.

Since leaving the Planning Inspectorate in 2016, Andrew has been acting as a voluntary Planning Advisor to a Neighbourhood Forum in his own home town. As an IPe examiner, he has examined numerous neighbourhood plans.

Andrew has also worked in local government, in the New Towns service and in private practice, dealing with a wide portfolio of work in the field of town and country planning and related disciplines.