CIL Support & Advice

CIL Support & Advice

Draw on our Insight

The IPe team has had detailed interaction with the CIL provisions in the Planning Act 2008 Act and hold considerable expertise around examining charging schedules. Keith Holland and Associate, Gilian MacInnes, have been involved extensively in the delivery of CIL seminars through the Planning Advisory Service and discussing specific issues with charging authorities. The IPe team has wide ranging experience of examining charging schedules.

Meeting the Challenges

Your charging schedule will need to be compliant in legal terms, economically viable and reasonable, realistic and consistent with national guidance. We can provide you with advice and guidance on development economics, with particular focus on the all-important viability considerations.

We can guide you through the common challenges

  • How do you clearly establish the relationship of the CIL to the Local Plan?
  • What are the considerations around setting differential rates and geographical charging zone boundaries? Do proposed differential rates comply with the Regulations? Are the geographical charging zone boundaries justified?
  • Is the approach to site sampling justified?
  • Has an appropriate buffer or margin been applied?
  • Can you use historic s.106 evidence to help justify CIL rates?
  • Has affordable housing been properly taken into account in the viability assessments?
  • Are rates for strategic sites and other significant areas of growth justified?

Tailored engagement and advice

We can discuss your particular needs around any stage of drawing up your charging schedule and build a package of support and engagement that meets your specific requirements.

We can explore with officers likely issues you might have to address for examination. We also have considerable experience of talking directly to elected members about CIL.

CIL Support & Advice